Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trevor Augustus' Birth Story

My birth story
So, sunday night, I thought I was having contractions again. I stayed up till 430 am monday morning, when i decided i needed sleep. I woke up 2 times to pee in the middle of the night then had to officially get up at 9 am to make it to my scheduled dr app at ten. I was still having contractions when I woke up, but they were milder.

I get to the Dr, and I chose to get checked since i thought i was possibly in labor. I was 4 cm and 75% effaced.

They then told me they wanted me to go over to the hospital to get monitored for an hour since my blood pressure was high. I wanted to go home first and get my bag and such so I could be prepared if the Dr wanted to admit me, but he was pretty insistent that I should get over there to get monitored asap. Since it was abnormal for me to have high bp, i did what he said.

So I go to get monitored, and my blood pressure was being very irratic. The dr told me he wanted to keep me and break my water. I did go ahead and agree to him breaking my water because by this point i was dilating more.

However, my Dr must be a dumb ass. I am 100% positive that while I was up the night before, one of my trips to the bathroom turned out to be my water breaking. I didn't know it at the time, but when he tried to break my water, nothing happened. it seemed like he was all up in my grits for like 5 minutes, but i think it was at most two. Still it hurt REALLY bad. He seemed like he was in a big damn hurry.

anyways, since he couldn't get anything to happen, he placed a vaginal fetal monitor on the top of my sons head to make sure he didn't go into distress from the water thing. That meant I couldn't get out of bed and into the shower. I still had a radius around my bed that I could move and such, though.

BUT I didn't have my birthing ball with me since i couldn't go home and get my things, and my husband forgot to bring it with him when i called him.

All that, plus the fact that Trevor was (unknowingly at the time) facing "sunny side up" instead of facing brown town (haha) made for some terribly unpleasant back labor. So I opted to get the epidural. I was mad at myself at first, but I quickly worked through everything in my head. I had only had less than 4 hours of sleep, I knew the job to come would require me to be rested so I could push him out.

So, I got the epidural, and then rested for a while. Not for long though, the epidural relaxed me so much that I dilated from like 5/6 ish to ten in about an hour.

At 6:30pm I started pushing. I pushed for two hours (and I mean serious bent over double pushing) and he came down the canal a little ways, but then he stopped coming. Thats when the Dr came in and said he was posterior (sunny side up) and that we needed to use suction.

At first I was like, No! I can do this!, but after a little more pushing, I realized that he was not coming out anytime soon. I was running on little sleep, and I knew I was running out of steam fast. So I decided to go ahead and agree to the suction. I'm glad I did because I honestly think it would have taken me another two hours of strong pushing to pop him out.

So, the DR picked up his scissors, even though I had repeatedly told him that 'I wanted to tear. i hollered, don't cut me! He looked at me kinda dirty like I was crazy. He put the scissors down, but a few seconds later when he thought i wasnt looking, picked them back up. My husband just looked at him like, if you use those i will punch you. The dr apparently got the hint as he let me tear.

Then he needed to use some clamps to get the monitor off of Trevors head, and they looked like scissors to me at first and i started to get mad but then i realized by looking in the mirror what he was doing.

sometime around 7 my epi had worn off, so I could feel everything. I knew when my body was telling me to push, etc.

I did tear in 4 places, but none of them are bad tears.

So, then Trevor was born at 8:42 pm Monday November 24, 2008.
7 lbs 6.5 oz 20 inches long

After he was born, the dr started to stitch me without any numbing stuff. i told him 5 times and jenny, my doula, told him at least 3 times that i could feel it. I feel like he was making me "pay" for not letting him cut me.

Anyways, after I was all stitched, and Trevor was weighed and such (with hubby hovering over him, cuteness), they brought him back to the bed I was in and we nursed for 45 minutes. It was amazing. Then the next hour we nursed for 30 minutes.

The longest session we've had so far has been just over an hour. He is my little chow hound, and I LOVE it! We have had no latch problems or anything. He is so smart!

So, that was my birth story!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Lines vs Stretch Marks

I know stretch marks. I've had the "joy" of stretch marks since I was 15. I was a very late bloomer, and didn't hit puberty till the summer between freshman and sophmore years in high school. I was the classic flat chested kid. I can clearly remember the taunts - "Roses are red, violets are black, why is your chest as flat as your back!" And I also remember in Jr. High being embarassed to change at gym because all the other girls were wearing bras but my mom wasn't going to spend money on something I didn't even need.

Then aunt flow hit. And in one summer I went from concave chest to full C cup. And it didn't stop there. Before I got pregnant, my chest was a size 38 E. That's right, E as in ENORMOUS! (Side note, I cannot find a nursing bra big enough.) So needless to say, the rapid expansion of mammary tissue did not coincide with the rate my skin was growing. I had Giant reddish purple streaks all over my chest. I was too embarassed to wear anything that scooped down even a little as these stretch marks come to about an inch shy of my collar bone.

My mom didn't help matters. If even a little of my marks were showing she'd point it out to me. She didn't do it to be mean. She does the same thing if my bra strap is showing to this day. She is very conservative herself, and would've been embarassed if they were on her and anyone saw them. So she was just trying to save me some embarassment. She just didn't realize that instead of helping, she was making me more self conscious.

So, lets skip foward to the following summer. I am about a D cup now, andI still have those blaring stretch marks. I wanted to go swimming with my friends badly, but i was so embarassed about my stretch marks that if I went, I wore a tshirt. And, seriously, how UN-fun is swimming in a tshirt. One day, I was with my friends and I was complaining about my tshirt, and they were like, "We don't even understand why you're wearing it. We don't care about your boobs."

It was pretty eye opening for a 16 ish girl. All anyone had ever concentrated on before was my lack of boobs. Now that I had them, no one cared? Then I realized that none of my friends had ever concentrated on my lack of or gain of boobs. It was just the bullies and pricks. So, off came my shirt and I had a blast the rest of the summer.

Also, due to the fact that I was no longer hiding myself under a big old tshirt, My boobs got exposed to sunlight. You hear advertisements for all those fancy creams and crap to get rid of stretch marks, right? Ignore them. They are a waste of money. If you've gotten stretch marks, you will ALWAYS have them. The good news is that they don't always have to be purplish red! I got sunburned once, and when my sun burn went away, the color of my marks was drastically reduced. Don't get me wrong, it sucked being sun burned. But I realized that the sun and time were the only things that were going to make them get fainter.

Today, I still have all my giant lines running over my boobs, but they're the same color as my skin. The only way you can tell they're there at all is to run your finger over them and feel the indentation.

I noticed a few weeks ago that I am getting them now on my belly. And you know what, I was SO EXCITED! I called my DH in and said, I'm finally getting some Love Lines! It means he is growing!! I don't know yet if I will sun the red out of these after Trevor is born, but I do know that I am not ashamed in the slightest of these marks, these Love Lines. Because that is exactly what they are, Love Lines. I love my baby so much and he isn't even born yet. They remind me daily of the wonderous miracle growing inside of me, and how lucky I am that he picked me to be his mommy.

I've gotta stop now because I'm over here having a pregnant cry now. Heh.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Birth Plan


I would prefer to avoid an enema and/or shaving of pubic hair.I would like to be free to walk around during labor.
I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout my labor.
I will be bringing my own music to play during labor.
I would like the environment to be kept as quiet as possible.
I would like the lights in the room to be kept low during my labor.
I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
I do not want an IV.
I would like to wear contact lenses or glasses at all times when conscious.
If available, I would like to shower when I wish, and sit in a birthing tub when I wish.
I will be bringing a birthing ball, I wish to be able to use it freely.



I do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring.
I do not want an internal monitor.



I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially.
I would prefer to be allowed to try changing position and other natural methods (walking, nipple stimulation).
I do not wish to have pitocin administered at all.



I realize that many pain medications exist I’ll ask for them if I need them.



I would like to avoid a Cesarean.
If my primary care provider determines that a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to obtain a second opinion from another physician.
If a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to be fully informed and to participate in the decision-making process.
I would like (coach) present at all times if the baby requires a Cesarean delivery.
I wish to have an epidural for anesthesia
So I can view the birth, I would like the screen lowered just before delivery of the baby.
If the baby is not in distress, the baby should be given to father immediately after birth.



I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely required for the baby’s safety.
I am hoping to protect the perineum. I am practicing ahead of time by squatting, doing Kegel exercises, and perineal massage.
If possible, I would like to use perineal massage to help avoid the need for an episiotomy.
I would like a local anesthetic to repair a tear or an episiotomy.



I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I give birth, including squatting.
I would like my husband and/or nurses to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.
I would like a mirror available so I can see the baby’s head when it crowns.
I would like the chance to touch the baby’s head when it crowns.
Even if I am fully dilated, and assuming the baby is not in distress, I would like to try to wait until I feel the urge to push before beginning the pushing phase.
I would appreciate having the room lights turned low for the actual delivery.
I would appreciate having the room as quiet as possible when the baby is born.
I would like to have the baby placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.



The umbilical cord needs to stop pulsating before it is cut.
I would like to have my husband cut the cord.
I would like to hold the baby while I deliver the placenta and any tissue repairs are made.
I would like to hold the baby for at least fifteen minutes before he is photographed, examined, etc.
I would like to have the baby evaluated and bathed in my presence.
I plan to keep the baby near me following birth and would appreciate if the evaluation of the baby can be done with the baby on my abdomen, with both of us covered by a warm blanket, unless there is an unusual situation.
If the baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband or some other person I designate will accompany the baby at all times.
I would prefer to hold the baby rather than have him placed under heat lamps.
I do not want a routine injection of pitocin after the delivery to aid in expelling the placenta.
I would like to delay the eye medication for the baby until a couple hours after birth.
After the birth, I would prefer to be given a few moments of privacy to urinate on my own before being catheterized.



I would like a private room, if available.
Unless required for health reasons, I do not wish to be separated from my baby.
I would like to have the baby "room in" and be with me at all times.
I would like my baby to recieve the oral vitamin K instead of the shot.



I plan to breastfeed the baby and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
Unless medically necessary, I do not wish to have any bottles given to the baby (including glucose water or plain water).
I do not want the baby to be given a pacifier.



I do not want the baby circumcised; I also do not want the foreskin retracted at all.
His penis is to be left intact the way God made it.



I would like to take still photographs during labor and the birth.
I would like to make a videorecording of labor and/or the birth.



My support people are my mother and father, and also my mother in law and sister, and I would like them to be present during labor and/or delivery.
I would prefer that no students, interns, residents or non-essential personnel be present during my labor or the birth.
I will be making final decisions when the time comes as to who stays in the room with me during the birth.

Thats not quite perfect in my opinion. Any suggestions?

Monday, September 1, 2008


in other news, i actually did clean some today. C and I did a lot of laundry (which I HATE, which is why it was very backed up.) Tomorrow we are doing all our dishes. NASTY. I hate dishes more than laundry. Add that to the fact that we don't have a dish washer and you can see my problem.

Anyways, my MIL is over so I am gonna go.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A monkey who doesn't have a tail

We got up around 1130 today. Went over to C's moms for a bit. Showed her all the wedding pictures, as I uploaded them all to photobucket last night. She liked them. Trevor was kicking up a storm, then when she would put her hand on my belly to feel it, he would get shy and stop. heh.

Hung out there for a few hours, then we went to Dicks sporting goods to look at some paintball supplies. C had heard they had a huge selection of paintball equipment there, but it was slim to say the least. Disappointing as we went to the next city over to go there.

We walked down the sidewalk afterwards to Best Buy to look around. Found Rock Band for the wii, and will buy it later on when we have more money as it is $170.

We did good, we didn't spend any money in either store. This month we have to be extra frugal because of the new car and we only have until the 21st to pay our 1000 down payment. Gonna be quite a stretch now that I lost my job. Hopefully tuesday I will get hired on at one of the places I applied for.

I said I was going to make a birth plan today and post it, but I am super tired, so I am going to play peggle and relax. I will think about writing one tomorrow.

I am hoping I interest someone enough with this blog to actually read it, but I doubt I will. Maybe I will try my hand at writing some short stories. My dad has always said that with my active imagination, I could be a writer. I, however, don't think my writing skills are good enough for that. Sure I might be able to come up with some good ideas, but I ahve trouble expressing those ideas to others. But as I said to someone else earlier, practice makes perfect. Maybe I will try my hand at childrens stories. I used to make up stories all the time for the kids at the daycare. And I have a couple of friends who are really good at drawing, so I could probably get them to help me with pictures. I'm going to do that. I am going to write a story about . . . hm . . . let's see . . . a monkey. A monkey who doesn't have a tail, and all his friends and family do. And how he has to learn that different doesn't mean bad or ugly. I think it is important for kids to realize that people are all different from a young age. It helps promote tolerance as you get older and run across people with traits you haven't seen before if you know from the start that everyone has something different, even if you can't see it.

Anyways, I have ben having some small talk with Erin, the mother of C's other two boys. She's a nice person, and I sincerely hope that we will be able to build up a friendship. She and the boys live in texas, so C doesn't get to see them frequently, and I have never personally met them. I am hoping to maybe be able to go with him this october to see them, but if I can't he is going back in December for Christmas, and I will go with him then. I'm excited to finally meet his other two boys. And Trevor will be born by then, so they will get to spend time with their brother! I can't wait!

Well, I suppose I could start writing my story instead of playing computer games, so that is what I will do. I may or may not post it on here, depending on how it turns out and if people think it is good enough to possibly publish. I may be getting WAY ahead of myself here though.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wedding Photos!!

Photobucket Album


I don't know why I am so tired right now. I didnt get out of bed officially till 1 pm. Although a lot of that time was spent laying here wishing I was sleeping instead of actually sleeping. Maybe that's why.

I think Titus gets car sick. Usually he's a very happy puppy, but in the van I've noticed that he gets really still and lethargic. He threw up in there the other day, but we had been driving around all over the place for a while so I thought it was just the length of time in the car. Poor pup.

Trevor (the baby) has been in my ribs all day. I can't remember if I mentioned that in my previous blog.

My friends wife just got hired on at Borders book warehouse doing customer service. They gave her an interview and hired her the same day. So I got the phone number and first thing tuesday morning I am going to go apply. I also applied to work at west@home. it's a customer service thing as well, but it's from home. That would be pretty neat if I could do that since I'm gonna be popping out this kid in a few months. Then I can stay home and breast feed.

I really would love to breast feed exclusively for the first six months of his life at LEAST. However, if I go back to work, that will be nearly impossible, unless I produce so well that I am able to pump a LOT. I am also going to look into it and see if our insurance covers a midwife. I know someone else who has BCBS and they said that it covered their midwife. I will probably still birth at MTMC because C would be more comfortable with that, but I would rather have a midwife than a Dr. because a midwife is going to be a thousand times more willing to let mehave the natural childbirth I want. Also I want to be able to move around, shower if I want, get on my hands and knees, really anything. I don't want to be stuck on my back strapped to monitors all the time. Intermittent monitoring is just fine. If they wanna come check the baby's heartbeat every hour, they have my blessing.

I suppose I should make a birth plan. I will do that tomorrow and post it up here. Then if anyone who has had kids before has any suggestions of things I may be leaving out, they can let me know.

A big thing is we are not going to circ our son. We have decided that that should be his decision. If he would like to be circ'd when he is old enough to understand the decision, then he is welcome to it. But it's his body and his choice.